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Marjory Wildcraft
Marjory Wildcraft's Home Grown Food Summit

Marjory Wildcraft’s Home Grown Food Summit

Well, we owe you a big apology for not getting this out sooner! It’s been such a warm and early and crazy Spring here, we got a little distracted with bees and Oregon grape blooms, early peas and greens and getting all the citrus and other indoor winter inhabitants back out of doors a month and a half early! Whew!  But don’t let that stop you now! Jump right on over and check out Marjory’s amazing Home Grown Food Summit while it’s still carrying on in all it’s glory! It’s a real hoot, and you can still get in for absolutely free! Pretty awesome!!

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to head over and check out the remaining days of the Home Grown Summit – with Marjory Wildcraft. It’s excellent!  A lot of our favorite people are speakers and a lot of new folks we are just getting to know – really a good time! AToday’s classes included a session with Leslie Parsons on using plants to remove toxins from your soils, compost and waterways (ponds and streams, for instance) and another great session on growing vertical with Laurie Neverman, just to name two that we got a lot of great information from today…

You can register for free and see all the rest of this week of presentations – there is PLENTY of great stuff still to come – and if you are so inclined you can get copies of it all later for your library or join their membership site.  We think it’s all pretty terrific and have no doubt it is a resource we’ll be using for years to come.

So head on over and check it out – it’s free and it’s full of great tips and cool teachings on growing your own groceries, canning, sustainable growing, and so many other incredibly useful topics it’s almost hard to believe! Trust us, you’ll be very glad you did!

Happy Spring and Happy Growing!

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