After raising four boys and living mostly in the suburban landscape, we’ve recently realized one of our long term dreams of moving to the country. We currently live in the Pacific Northwest, on the edge of the Willamette Valley.

While we didn’t wait to grow extensive gardens and have chickens, we now have the space to put our long term ideas and dreams into place. We’re passionate about organic gardening, growing our own food, self-sufficiency, seed saving, renewable energy, backyard chickens and ducks, bee keeping, developing local sustainable community, permaculture, and stewardship of the land.

This site is about sharing our experience and knowledge on our journey of vegetable gardening and food production at home. We are proponents of the idea that good health begins with healthy, vibrant, living soil. Composting, permaculture, and keeping animals are all part of the healthy soil cycle.

One of the things we’ve learned along the way is that experimentation is critical to expanding knowledge and improving results, and so we are always testing new ways of sowing seeds, planting and growing our vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fruits, and flowers. Whether we are testing a new companion planting arrangements, methods of attracting beneficial insects, providing sustainable habitats for pollinators, or extending the growing season – we’re always in the midst of multiple experiments.

We welcome your questions and comments. Thanks for joining us on our journey!