July 2015


A Pallet Shed that Meets Local Code?

Pallet shed built by Dave Mathia (Source: Farm Show Magazine) This inventive Canadian made himself a garden shed using pallets and 2 X 4’s and even managed to meet the local code when he didit. According to Dave Mathia, of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, his pallet shed had to conform to…


How To Grow Tomatoes in Containers

Growing tomatoes in containers offers a convenient way to get around soil born tomato pests and achieve healthy tomatoes in spite of these challenges. Plenty of people who grow tomatoes in the garden run into issues with tomato wilt, nematodes and other problems. Prepare Your Tomato Container The healthiest containers are…


Companion Planting and Plant Guilds in the Garden

Whether it’s simple companion planting or permaculture guilds, recognizing who gets along (and who doesn’t!) and planting accordingly is the first step in understanding plant relationships in the garden. Learning the various roles and functions of differing plant types and using these relationships to enhance the health and vigor of…