Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom is generally defined as seed which pre-dates the bio-tech industry and is not hybrid seed. Rather it is seed which has been grown and used and selected for existing traits which are considered desirable for generations.  Heirloom seeds have historical significance for specific and identifiable traits, such as rich…


Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds are seeds which have been specifically propagated, or ‘bred’ to achieve desirable traits in the next generation of plants. Hybrid seeds are the result of plant breeding which can be accomplished in various ways, including specific plant selection of seeds and elimination of other seeds in a single…


Organic Seeds

Organic is a strict classification of seed production which requires the seeds to have been produced in a certified organic environment, according to organic certification protocols. The European designation for this production method is known as ‘bio’. Organic methods generally include such practices as composting, soil enrichment with organic matter,…